We are selling bag hanger (penyangkut beg). You don't need to place your bag on the floor or on your knees while attending a meeting, or during lunch, dinner or wherever you may carry your bag with. It can even be a 'perfect gift' for your girl friend's/ best friend's/ mom's/ sister's birthday or even for wedding gift for VIPs :)
Here's how it works :

The bottom has a cushioned non-slip surface to keep the hanger from slipping off or damaging the table. It comes with a black gift box and can hold up to 6kg handbag. If interested, please fill in the order form/ email to qasehimpiana@gmail.com/ sms to +6.012.4531778 ya. 
We also do offer reseller price for order more than 20 units. Please sms to us directly.